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     About Us     

         Founder Mr.Uthai Kanjanakuha studied and practiced the ancient glazing techniques of the Lanna Kilns and Sukhothai kilns.

        Ceramics from the ancient kilns have fine shapes. The glaze indicates a certain level of sophistication achieved only through patience and years of practice, with a lot of time spent on a single piece of ceramic.

       In addition to the traditional ceramic designs, Mr.Uthai Kanjanakuha has combined contemporary lifestyle scenes along with his distinguishing flora patterns on jet black backgrounds.

        We at Chuanlhong Ceramics have strived to produce the best quality ceramics for the past twenty years. We blend Thai traditional style and craftsmanship with modern techniques to create singular products.

         For nearly a quarter of a century Chuanlhong Ceramic’s expertise in producing highfired stoneware has been recognized for adhering to Thailand’s ancient ceramic art techniques.     Respecting our ancestors knowledge, our designers continue to create new designs and products.

           Our ceramics are designed with you in mind.

We blend contemporary backgrounds with ancient patterns.     Each piece is uniquely crafted to be functional and elegant.

We hope you will enjoy the beauty of Thailand in your kitchen, bathroom and garden.

          We promise that we will continue to dedicate ourselves to producing the highest quality ceramics. Our multicultural designs are applied with a variety of techniques with kiln temperatures of 1,250 °C.

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